Online Business Idea: Generating Income via YouTube in 2017

  • As the Internet world grows, there are more and more new ways of making money and new internet business opportunities. Some of them have made their way to the top of the list for most profitable businesses and alongside the work conditions and effort they require have become the most sought-after online business ideas of the 21st century.
  • If you’re a fun person who entertains everyone all the time and you are the star of the show, one of the best online entrepreneur ideas today is making YouTube videos. This industry is making millions every month and has one of the biggest audience of today’s markets.
  • The reason behind the attractiveness of this niche is that it requires a small or no investment to start it. All you need is a PC, a cam recorder and a few video editing skills which we all know aren’t as expensive today as they were a few years back.
  • If you are capable of making videos with good content quality, this online business idea will be your gold mine. Famous YouTubers such as Pewdipie (who is currently the #1 most subscribed YouTube channel) earn up for $10 million a year, and this is a sum of money which I doubt anyone wouldn’t want to earn.
  • The way this online business idea works is that people upload videos to their channel and gather views and if the videos are making enough views, the YouTubers sign a contract with Google and YouTube to place advertisements below or during the video. Whenever someone clicks on the advertisement or views it, the YouTuber gets a certain fee and the more views the video has, the higher the pay rate is as well as the income received.
  • But, you can only make money out of original videos that you created. Videos protected by copyright or stolen videos will be taken down by YouTube and certain penalties might be charged with your account. Additionally, if you upload a copyright protected video, the original copyright owner might get the whole profit of the video even if it was created and uploaded by you. So, always remember to check for copyrights and the conditions of those.
  • YouTube is by far the biggest platform for sharing and watching videos that exists today. It holds countless internet business opportunities for which people fight daily and you can find the one that will change your life.